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Feeling moved in and comfortable in the new instance so here is an post:

:eboy: It's Me Em :eboy:

- My homepage with all my writing and stuff is

- I put games and zines on my itch page at

- I run Plaintext Distro

- And I am a member of the coolest digital arts collective around

- During the day I am in the XML mines where I try to be as laid back as possible

- I am trying to get my debut novel published

- I ride the on Wednesdays and Thursdays and sometimes other times

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-- A History of Bisexuality: Steven Angelides: This was a really comforting book for me, as someone who's always bristled at the (to me) unacceptable thoughtlessness with which the majority of queer theory and constructivist gay history tends to write off what I guess you could call "actually existing bisexuality," instead reducing it to either a practical impossibility or deferring it as only relevant to a utopic post-gender, post-orientation future. Rather than positioning bisexuality as the new, less stable, thing with less history and therefore less "authenticity," the book really reaches back to show that the discomfort in taxonomical thinking of gender that emerged from the discovery of embyronic bisexuality and other forms of gender ambivalence created the identity crisis which led to various forms of imposing a hetero/homosexual binary. Bisexuality, therefore, is better described as the Other of sexual orientation itself, which is A) much more historically and conceptually convincing to me, but also B) more like my "orientation" as experienced (either a "lack" or not primarily influenced by gender-of-chosen-object).

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intrigued by finding not only one but two types of purple mushroom on my walk today

Got on the early thanks to international student struggling to get their card to read... thank you for your service sir

At least the driver gave me a freebie bc we had to run out in the middle of the road to catch it bc construction equipment was blocking the stop

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*european edible dormouse voice* you wouldn't make me ride the bus, would you ​:bonk:

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Not really feeling the today and yet I preservere ​:pensiveclown:

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mushroom identification, lewd 

@coleoptera mature puffballs in your area

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what is a mushroom if not a freaky little guy of the woods

mushroom watch! 

day off, so I took a long trek in the park to practice identifying mushrooms. Coolest thing was the huge amount of Sulphur Tuft working on fallen branches and stumps, but I also glimpsed a few classics (puffball, sickener) and some other intriguing ones I couldn't quite identify.

cleaned the flat and did a Big Shop (two days worth at once because it'll be closed tomorrow lol) with stephen and took care of my "one publisher/agent submission a week" goal to keep potentially hearing good news on my novel fresh.. might do a little sewing so I don't have anything else to do tomorrow besides go on a nice early autumn walk in pollok park

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If she's your granny why's she giving me a werthers original?

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