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Tip for new #Mastodon users: every day people on here post something like "I'm a little goblin guy and I'm gonna get ya!!" Don't worry about that, it's not actually true

ive literally had so many ideas for games post-domino... i should work on them. i should also work on the multiple games i already had on the go before domino. and then i should die

twitter users are from mars, mastodon users are from venus

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another busy day of pathologizing people who weren't galaxy-brained enough to leave twitter until now

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gonna stream Sky Island Mysteries TUESDAY at 7pm EST. its a funny little game for children (me).

gonna stream Sky Island Mysteries TUESDAY at 7pm EST. its a funny little game for children (me).

wandering between 4 or 5 social media sites to complain about the other 3 or 4 social media sites :freerealestate:

idk like... im on an instance away from everyone... why do i need to follow "mastodon etiquette"... why do i need to subscribe to the "mastodon ethos"... im literally just chilling

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i like the idea that at any moment a complete stranger could get extremely mad at me just for existing on mastodon. thats a very good feature to me

my latest game is Body of Work, a short interactive sci-fi thriller about robots and the art world and infidelity. it's available for free on @itchio .

check it out:

idk u ever feel like every avenue of your life is simultaneously dying and decaying and u havent found something new that is untainted by the death and decay

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i like that all of the social media options have only been around for a couple years or even months but it already feels like im entering into a highly complex ecosystem that i dont understand and cant navigate. and also i dont know anyone and i only interact with the couple of people i already knew from other sites

ill never get over the article that claims that banksy is a woman because men only make art about themselves

hard to fill the void in one's heart when one must cycle between 5 or 6 different sites and apps that are supposed to replace twitter

im over being sick and im going to try to get all day way caught up on donimo

every nice comment about my game or games literally fills me with superpowers

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hometown server for the covies.